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Originally Posted by Jim_in_Calgary View Post
Well said.

I won't argue with any of that because it is born out statistically in the HURT study. Every time I swing my leg over my bike, I know it could be my last day alive. I'm very aware and seeking out the first sign of any such risks every second I'm on my bike, and that takes complete concentration at a level that I don't get to in a car.

On the other hand, extreme concentration on something so basic as self preservation is extraordinarily mentally relaxing because it necessitates pushing aside life's stresses that for me won't yield any other way. Some have compared it to meditation, and that mental relief alone is worth the risk for some. Not to mention the fact that very few cars under let's say $500k (and I've driven some amazing cars owned by people other than me) can compare to a current technology litre+ bike in terms of pure driving exhilaration. It kind of ruins you for fast cars because so few even come close.
Also well said.

In the interest of full disclosure, only half my passion for this comes from working in emergency medicine. The other half is because my wife would never let me get a bike. Dammit!