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congrats. looks beautiful
Thanks.. It's hard to capture how awesome it looks in person!

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that trip looks AMAZING!!

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congrats!! zcp e90's are so fuck'n sexy!
To think.. I almost didn't go with the ZCP package. I think I would've regretted it everyday haha.

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congrats, very envious i want one so bad!
Now is the time! This is the last V8 M3!

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i enjoyed the pictures, thank you for posting them and congratulations on your new car
Thank you. I figured I should give back to the community for helping me out so much.

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Congrats on the car and the trip!

Thanks for posting up form amazing pics. I love the puff pastry burgers!
Thanks! The little burgers were delicious. I probably should've ordered more lol.

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i didnt know austria is that nice and im only 5 hours away. very nice trip and pics, hope you have fun breaking the car in, in a M its fun even when youre going slow.
Yes I highly suggest a visit to Salzburg. It looks gorgeous and there are plenty of nice shops and restaurants everywhere.

I'm halfway to my 1200 miles so I'm hoping I can floor it soon!

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Very nice! Nice job on 20.1 MPG
Thanks to the Autobahn! 100 mph in 7th gear did help though. To return the car at HARMS you have to have less than 1/4 tank of gas so I was driving it around 4th gear 90 mph at 5000rpm to burn through some.

The best mileage i saw was 20.8

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hey congrats! jzb + fox red is the best combination!!
Yeah I almost went with Melbourne Red + Tan. It was probably the hardest decision I have ever made haha.

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Congrats on the car!

And thanks for your pics & report...
No problem! Glad to give something back to the community!

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Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the car! It's a beauty.
Thanks I plan on keeping it till it's dust haha

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congrats! another Jerez E90!
Haha maybe after a couple years and 200 mods later I can get to look like yours

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Congratulations! Gorgeous color combo!!!!

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Looked like a fun trip. Congrats on the new ride. Sucks about the curbed rims and rock chip though.
Yeah that was the only downside to the trip. It's a very small rock chip. How hard do you guys think it would be to get that out? Will the dealer do it for me?

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Awesome thread. Your car looks stunning. Congrats!
Thanks! I will definately have to pick up some matching front reflectors from you guys! The yellow ones are
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