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Originally Posted by McGregor View Post
don't mind the price of the cupcakes if you can afford an M3..
Owning an M3 doesn't mean that I'm made out of money. It always surprises me when people think that. There are plenty of people who can barely afford an M3 but get it anyways because they love what it provides. I'm not rich or well off by ANY means.. I just happend to get a good job and can manage my finances very well.

I wasn't really complaining or anything.. just pointing out the difference between US and European prices. I see that you are in Antwerp so the prices might not seem so high for you.

Thanks everyone else for the comments! I can't wait to get the car back stateside. I'm slowly starting the intense ship stalking phase!

I just hope all the damage on my car is fixed when I get it back
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