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Talking My 2011.5 Jerez Black M3 ZCP Euro Delivery! 100+ Pictures!!

As featured on the front page of bimmerpost!! :

Before I start i would like to thank everyone for all their help in ordering this car. This is actually the first "nice" car that I have ever owned so I wanted it to be different... M3+ Euro Delivery did just that!

The car was ordered with:
Jerez Black / Fox Red
Heated Seats

So without any further words I present to you my pictures from Europe.

We arrived in Munich last Saturday and relaxed and and had a nice dinner and slept to catch up with the jet-lag. The following day we headed to Stuttgart in our rental Mercedes A Klass to see the Porsche museum.

I'll start of with those pictures first:

The building on the right is the Porsche factory

I thought this was in interesting looking one... reminds of a ninja turtle:

They mounted this one upside down:

I wish I could afford this..

I think this turned out to be one of favorite shots. Such a clean looking ride:

For when you want to mow in style

Actually saw a couple of these Carreras doing about 160mph on the Autobahn

Okay enough with the Porsches. It is now Monday morning and It's time for the actual delivery of my M3!!

A shot of the BMW Welt and office building from the bridge outside:

On the opposite side is the 1972 Olympic Stadium:

This is what it looks like when you walk in the doors of the Welt:

You also see these little egg like blobs just moving around. They sense when people are nearby and stop and turn around. Pretty cool to see them in action.

Once inside there was a guy riding a BMW bike up and down the stairs. That was pretty cool to see

This is the waiting room which I'm sure you have all seen before. There is a little terrace to the right that overlooks the delivery floor. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of your car below.

Right behind the elevator you can see the Jerez Black M3 peeking out. I was unsure if it was mine at first but the rest of the cars were either coupes or had sunroofs. I didn't order a sunroof so I figured it was mine!

Once it was my turn we went down some steps and there she was. First thing I did was pop open the hood to check out the view!

A side shot of the ZCP wheels:

All doors open. Great combination with Jerez Black and Fox Red:

Have to get a shot with the M3 logo...

Her from the rear:

A shot from the front. Shows off the lovely ZCP wheels .

Frontal view. I especially love the plate I got. M 1900 Z.. bad@ss.

Another shot of the wheels:

M3 side badge:

From the rear windshield. Did I mention that I absolutely love this color combination???

A couple shots from the side:

Moving on to interior shots!

Quad exhaust pipes

Once I drove out of the Welt I decided to take some pics. Out of the entire time I was at Germany this was the only day that had any sunshine. It was mostly gloomy and rainy the rest of the time.

I ended up getting a lot of compliments and thumbs up from nearby tourists. The car looked amazing in the sunlight. I got a lot of questions from people asking if it was blue or black! This pretty much ends the pictures at the Welt. The rest are shots from other parts of the trip. I tried to avoid city driving so we used Park and Ride shuttles and trains to move around. Unfortunately this meant that I didn't have access to the car so no more pictures of the M3.

After the welt delivery we took it straight to Austria. These shots are from Salzburg. It's a really pretty city with mountains all around and a river that splits it in two.

Lots of narrow streets everywhere. Plenty of shops and restaurants to go around. Since this was the birthplace of Mozart there was a lot of statues and shops named after him.

The following day we took a 3.5 hour drive to Zurich, Switzerland. I didn't enjoy Zurich as much as I did Salzburg. The streets were very crowded and construction was going on everywhere. The GPS had a very hard time finding the park-n-ride spot.

After one hour it got us there but the entire deck had been demolished since they are building a road through it. Great! So we go into the iDrive and find the next parking deck. Thirty minutes later we arrive only to find that the machine doesn't take credit cards. It only took coins and we didn't have any... only bills.

So on to the next parking deck. 30 more later we arrive at an underground parking that takes credit cards. It only cost us 40 Francs for the 8 hours we were in Zurich...

Oh and did I forget to mention that you have to buy toll a toll sticker for Zurich? You have to buy it for one year even if are there for 1 hr... not very tourist friendly.

Zurich has that old timey European look everywhere you go. Lots of small streets and plazas.

This is the oldest teddy bear shops in Zurich. Prices range from 100-3000 Francs

Nice waterfront view. Way out in the distance you can see a lot of waterfront property. These are guys who make the big bucks lol. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a waterfront property in the most expensive city in Europe.

Giant clocktower in the middle of the city:

One of the best chocolate shops:

Apparently this is one of the Swiss specialties. They are little puff pastries shaped like burgers. Delicious but very expensive for the size.

Hot chocolate + puff burger pastries mmmmm... Just that alone was 30 Francs!!

Now for some bad news. Driving in Zurich is not very pleasant and I did end up scratching my wheels. Check attached pic.. bottom left. I was absolutely furious but I tried to not let that ruin my vacation..

There was a small paint chip from a rock on the hood but the stupid water spots made it impossible to find. I wonder if I can get that fixed by the ED insurance of the dealer somehow when the car arrives stateside..

The thread is here:

At the end of the trip I put almost 700 miles on the M3. This is a pic when I dropped it off at HARMS:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I had an absolute blast doing ED and would love to do it again. The car was very fun to drive and was comfortable too! The V8 engine is a monster and I wish I could've pushed it all the way.

On my next ED I'll be sure to stay out of Zurich!. Once again thanks everyone for all your help. I would also like to thank my SA David Aviles for a no hassle dealership experience and making things as smooth as possible.

Enjoy and please leave some feedback
2011.5 JB/FR/ZCP/ZP2/ZCV/DCT/Heated Seats

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