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Originally Posted by lopealle View Post

What is chrome?

You are totoally right about eating healthy. I have a back injury right now and like a dumbass I was eating unhealthy and what not. I went from 187lbs to 250lbs in 2 years. I went sexy to ewww lol. I'm still battleing the weight as we speak. I have lost 20lbs and that just from eating right. I agree on the time also. I have a wife and 2 kids and sometimes you just need time for yourself. So now I have made a new rule where everyday after work when I come. Nobody bother me for an hour after I get home (Plenty of time for fapping lol) works out perfect.
Chrome is the web browser made by Google.

Im in a similar situation. I had a huge asthma attack 3 years ago and I sat on a couch for 10 months while on steroids. I went from around 160 up to 270 and im only now fully controlled. With a better diet Ive dropped to just below 250 which is where im at now. Ive just started working out again and Im hoping to get under 200 before the summer. But I have to go slowly because the asthma threat is still there. It sucks man I feel like life just sorta bitch slapped me and I was really depressed until I met my GF.

Having somebody like you for who you are rather than being rejected cause im heavy is a good confidence booster. And I figure that if shes willing to be with me when im disgusting than I found a keeper.

It helps that shes really into Baseball and Roller coasters too.