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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
It's good that you've recognized your need for that and are not ashamed as many "tough guys" like to act as if nothing affects, internalizing things allowing them to fester and sneak through in strange ways...uncalled for bouts of aggression, periods of uncharacteristic highs/lows, etc.

Sidenote: not sure what browser you're using but Chrome will underline misspelled words and allow you to right click and choose from a list of similar options - pschyiatrist -> psychiatrist
Yeah dude there is definitely no shame in going to see a doctor for mental problems. You wouldn't beleive how many soldiers are embarassed to seek help. They assume that your crazy when you go up there. In the army there is alot of "macho-ness" for some reason. If you get hurt and go see a doctor then that makes you a wimp automatically. It's sad but true. I tell new soldiers all the time if you feel down go talk to somebody. It's even worse in Iraq. If your on the road alot over there more than likely you will get ambushed or shot at on your to your destination. I don't know about you but when it happen to me it was a definite wake up call I was traumatized for a little bit. Still these new soldiers act like they are machines ands don't seek any help. When they get home they kill their families and themselves. Anyways enough with my rant.

Sidenote: not sure what browser you're using but Chrome will underline.

What is chrome?

Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Eating healthy is a big part of mental health. If you eat crap than your body chemistry goes way off. I know that when I eat like crap im either a tired lazy ass or a pissed off ass.

Me time is also a big component of mental health for me. I go off and play on my xbox or work on the car. If all I did was go to work and spend time with my GF than id probably go insane. And ive been with her for two years and will probably marry her.

You are totoally right about eating healthy. I have a back injury right now and like a dumbass I was eating unhealthy and what not. I went from 187lbs to 250lbs in 2 years. I went sexy to ewww lol. I'm still battleing the weight as we speak. I have lost 20lbs and that just from eating right. I agree on the time also. I have a wife and 2 kids and sometimes you just need time for yourself. So now I have made a new rule where everyday after work when I come. Nobody bother me for an hour after I get home (Plenty of time for fapping lol) works out perfect.