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Originally Posted by TiAg335i View Post
just goes to show the physical and mental can and do work independently of each other.

it really is a shame our society is so focused on the 'image' we portray, and not the inner person. we could solve so many problems by focusing on mental health just as much as we focus on physical health.
I agree that often physical and mental health are not necessarily dependent on one another, but think there is good reason for why often the first "prescription" for mental health issues relate to getting the physiological system in order, IE correcting diet, exercise, and sleeping routines. Many choose an unhealthy lifestyle and without knowing it are suffering psychological consequences.

Of course you run into mental diseases where, by nature, the person cannot live a physically healthy life (bulimia, alcoholism), but these are also some pretty extreme examples of mental illness. For those exhibiting mild enough symptoms of depression or anxiety, simple physiological fixes may improve the situation and eradicate their symptoms. If they pervade however, psychiatric care is certainly advisable.