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Originally Posted by mrdenis View Post
I received my ED car with both German tourist plates when I took re-delivery in SC. They were in pristine condition (until they repeatedly got run over by my carry-on luggage in the trunk when I was having too much fun on the trip back home...)
Hm.. I'll have to talk to my dealer about setting that up. Thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
One more question Von, what tires came on your car? PS2's or the Conti's?
Looks like Michelin tires so PS2s I'm assuming. Our M6 has michelin tires too.

Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
Be sure to take the hardware for the triangle. Some people have forgotten that or left it on the car. It is a perfect place to mount the Euro plate when you get back home.

Be sure that the first aid kit is in a checked bag. There are some sharp things in there that won't make it past security.

For what it is worth, I left a couple of things I didn't really care about in trunk and they made it back. I have heard about some people leaving dirty laundry in there that made it back.
Thanks! I'll be sure to set that in the checked bagage.

Off to see the city and then my flight! Thanks everyone for the help.
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