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the 335i is a great car especially when it comes down to bang for your buck but the m3 will have to be a better performing vehicle for its sake in the model line up. The 335i has a major weakness that the m3 would take advantage of and that is heat. with out the proper cooling upgrades the 335 could and I stress COULD have problems. I am in no was saying it would cause I only know from second hand experience that it has this problem. Suspension wise BMW stepped up the performance bar once again and we dont know exactly what they have in store for us with the new m3 in that respects. I would believe that because its an M they would upgrade its suspension and tweak it for the best performance and daily drivability. As for tunability I believe the 335 would win hands down but once the M gets FI the tides would turn. this is a good thread so lets keep it fun:rocks: rock on! lol