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Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
I've never done the ED option but I would just ask BMW if that is covered. It probably is if you are willing to pay the deductible. You never know, they might hook you up.

Either way, not seeing the pictures yet I suspect you can have it fixed for 100-150 dollars providing it is just superficial damage (meaning you didn't bend the actual rim).
Yeah I don't think the rims were bent... I'll let the rep know tomorrow.

Originally Posted by kcdude24 View Post
The HARMS rep will do a visual inspection and note any issues. This should be pointed out. I believe there was a checkbox on the document that notes typical road rash type stuff...this should be noted separately. It also should be fixed either by the VPC or by your ED dealer (via ins claim)...depends upon the damage.

GL...enjoy a dunkel for me.
Thanks for the info. I sure hope its covered or I'll just have to buy another wheel .

Originally Posted by kscarrol View Post
I'm sorry, but without proper pictures for proof we can provide no further assistance in this matter...
It's pretty late out right now. I'll try and take a pic early tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by comebackid View Post
I've read on the forums that whatever damage was done (within reason), they fixed it with no questions asked. No charge. I don't recall if the customer gave the heads up. But I assume they will obviously see it.
Thanks. That's much more reassuring. I was absolutely furious when I heard the scrape of metal and concrete

Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
Just mention it when you drop off the car. Often cars are damage during the shipping reguardless of ED or regular cars coming in. The VPC goes over each car and fixes anything that has happened.
Thanks! I'll keep everyone updated.

Originally Posted by Bubbles View Post
Yes, it will be covered. Make sure to point out the damage to the kind lady at HARMS. You will have a new wheel on delivery. No issues.
Yes! I'd rather have a new wheel than a repaired one. I'll try not to get my hopes up too high. I just hope they fix it so I can't notice it... It's such a perfect car but that one little spot is bugging the hell out of me...

Also did you guys take the floormats with you or did you leave that in the car upon dropoff?

I'll be taking the warning triangle, medical kit, and license plate holder with me so far..
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