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The Mir and CroCop matchup was just a bad matchup in general which resulted in a boring fight. CroCop was constantly worried about the threat of a takedown if he threw a kick so he didn't throw hardly any. Frank was worried about a devastating kick and kept working to take CroCop down. But Frank's wrestling is not his strong point obviously and he couldn't get CroCop to the ground.

Anyway, lame fight. I think CroCop needs to go back to the real world. I don't know why he still bothers with MMA. He doesn't have the time or the resources to compete at the level he wants to.

I was, however, very interested in the Lil'Nog vs Bader fight. It wasn't super exciting but it was a huge test for Bader. Lil'Nog had been on a rampage. I think Bader is definitely worthy of challenging just about anyone at 205 at this point (granted he can still improve a lot). Hard to go wrong with outstanding wrestling and a sledgehammer for a right hand.
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