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Originally Posted by frenchM3dreamer View Post
i'm sure most of you guys will agree (otherwise we wouldnt be here...) but the more i see pics of M3s (and in real life) the more i think the E93, top up or top down, is the best looking M3...
i really like the back portion of the roof when it's up ! and when it's down, well, it's a no-brainer for me
congrats on all your cars guys, one day i'll have one
I'm actually prefer the back portion of the E90/E92 roof. The shape of E93 roof (especially white ones) reminds me of a town car...

I also don't like the black gaps between the roof sections on AW.

It's not so bad that I didn't want one, but I went with SG instead of AW. E93s look much better with the top down.