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My guess is BMW will be positioning the M3 to compete with heavy hitters such as 911. BMW priced the 335 reasonably and gave it previous generation M3 performance now the road is clear to set the price for the M3 on the high side, which in my opinion will start in the very high 50 or low 60 range for a base car add a few nice options and you're looking at a $65000 car.
Considering the mystique and the interest shown by would be buyers they will have no difficulty selling at high prices. As much as I would love to buy the M3 I will not put 60 grand into a car that regardless of its desirablity will still depreciate 30% or so in two-three years.
I'm considering buying a second hand Cayman S. Low mileage examples are selling in the low 50s, thats almost 20 grand cheaper than a new model! after a couple of years of happy motoring I'll be back looking for some deals in the M3 market. I guess if you're not made of gold you have to be resourceful.