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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
I wasn't denying that $400 was a nominal (and when buying a car that costs $35,000+, relatively insignificant) increase. My comment about probably not being able to afford a new BMW after this one was more about the overall price increases. When this generation (E9X) started out I think a base 325i with destination was $30,900 if I remember correctly. Over time it's creeped up to $34,000, so a roughly $3,000 increase. Not only that, but they've cut out standard content like the ashtray, cooled armrest, tint-band at the top of the windshield, sunroof, etc. Some things like USB have been added but that's only because they are offering the value package for free. Figure the next 3 will have a price increase right out of the gate of maybe $1,500-2,000. So you are looking at $36,000 right off the bat before even adding any options what so ever.

I financed my car because I plan to drive it for 5-6 years and I bought it in 08. So lets say I drive it 6 years that means I'll be looking at a new car in 2015. Who knows what the base price will be then? As far as offsetting the cost, I pretty much drive a stripper car as my only options are an automatic and premium package, so I do what I can to save money.

But the reason I called him a SOB was because of his sarcastic and holier-than-thou attitude and snarky comments that "Well, not everyone can afford to own a BMW...." and "So $400 will keep you from buying a BMW 3 Series? Excuse me please.....". I think those were pretty uncalled for considering that A) I OWN my car now and B) I never said $400 was THE reason I wouldn't be able to buy another.
well hopefully over 6 years you get raises and your income allows you to buy a new 3 series even if prices do go up.