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Man, low 50's would be ideal. My guess is high 50's, low 60's. We all may have been fucked over royally by Audi. The RS4 MSRP is $66,000, and in the industry, it's all about competitive pricing. BMW doesn't want their price to be too much lower than this, people tend to get the wrong impression. But then again, Mercs and Audi's tend to be more expensive than BMW's generally.

So what the hell am I saying. I'm saying I think the price will be (base MSRP) between $57-59,000. This keeps it under 60, so it doesn't look bad. The M3 is definetly moving up in the market, and starting to compete w/ heavy hitters like Porsches, Corvettes, previous generation Ferrari's, and the such and my guess is the 1 series will eventually take its place in the market bracket. I mean M3's in the future sure as hell aren't going to get cheaper.

A 10 grand difference between generations is on the steep side, I'd say 5-6 grand is acceptable, and 3-4 grand is ideal. We'll see. God damn Carbon fiber roof,...that's where all the money's going...haha.