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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
Which court is the ticket listed for? I use Fred Hopkins in Issaquah twice and got off both times.

Last one was a particularly nasty one. I was late for work on the first Grand Rounds where my boss was going to introduce all of us to the faculty. I was getting onto the I-5N on Mercer at 0610 and need to cut over to the 520 exit to get to UWMC. I got nailed by a State Trooper from the ADAT (Aggressive Driving Apprehension Team). He was a total jerk and won't let me pop the trunk to get my proof of insurance, so I got a 900-dollar ticket for speeding, following too close, and unable to show proof of insurance (this one alone is 500+ dollars).
You gotta realize though, playing devil's advocate, that these guys probably deal with a lot of jerks, as well. That being said, there are cops with attitude for sure.
You should carry an insurance card in your wallet so it's with you when you rent a car or are driving a vehicle that is not yours.

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