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Originally Posted by BMW-NC View Post
I would not expect such a comment from someone with 13xx posts....

Well however, I am just generally annoyed by people complaining about everything. You live in Florida. Why don't you complain about BS fees like Tire & Battery waste fee?

However, I would be happy not to see that kind of language on this forum, as it is pretty insulting.
I don't know what my post count really has to do with anything? You made what I saw as a rude and semi-insulting comment, so I stated my opinion. I really wasn't complaining either. I had just made a general comment that I probably won't be able to afford another 3 series after this one. Whats wrong with that? Then you come back with your passive aggressive comment that really served no purpose. dbtheo's post after yours was a much more constructive post. Now I don't know if the attitude comes from, as you said jealousy for having to pay $70k for a 1 series or whatever, but as a BMW salesman I hope if a customer comes to you and says something about the price being steep that you don't respond to them the same way you did to me.

Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
I say everything is relative and a way of life. I remember test driving a Mercedes SL 450 in the early 60s when I was a youngster and still green behind the ears the new price back then was $9,000.00 with all the extra options Groceries for the week for my wife and I was then $6.00 for the week and I made nearly $3,000- a year as a mechanical draftsman.
I bet with an SL starting at $100k that old one looks pretty good today! I understand that prices rise (look at how a loaded Mustang GT costs over $40k!) over time. But the economy has taken it's toll on my pay. The starting salary for my new job is a few thousand less than it would have been pre-recession and the company hasn't given pay raises over the past 2 years. Things like signing bonuses and things like that also got taken away. I was able to afford this 3 in college because scholarships covered all my school and living related expenses. But now that I'm out working full time with all the related expenses it's gonna be a stretch to get another 3 and keep the goals I have of saving a certain amount each year and starting a family. Maybe I'll just have to buy a CPO instead of new next time not that there is anything wrong with that.

By the way, I love the color of your Z4