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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
Man you are a arrogant SOB. You fit right in line with the cocky BMW stereotype.

I'm not specifically talking about this one particular price increase, I'm talking about all of them in general. You don't think that the new 3 will get a price bump over the current gen? What about all the decontenting that BMW has done over the last few years. I was lucky to be able to get this one because of a great deal and 0.9% financing. If the prices are kept in check and they are still offering great financing deals and I'm able to get the dealer to come down on the price then I could probably get another 3 after this one.
ppl say the next gen 3 series will be very costly due to so many models being made.

buuuuuuut, there are ways to offset it.

get used (not the best option imo)
get less junk features (like ipod and bluetooth)
pay more up front with financing

the 1% price increase is nothing ($400, lol) and he isnt a sob. but they prolly will add a couple grand to the new 3 series and m3. not cool, but it happens.