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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
Damn guys, lay off of him....on other threads, when people wrap their interiors and stuff, generally speaking, the threads are lit up with "oohs" and "aaahs". Its a good option when the parts that he wants to wrap don't exist in CF, and he wants to continue a theme. Like people who do matte CF wrap to match their interior leather CF trim-that's not real CF either, but you don't hear anyone knocking on that.

OP, 3M DiNoc (only film that site sells according to them) is generally considered by the community as a very good, quality, and durable, if somewhat difficult to apply vinyl. I hope this answers your question.


I figured as much. I'd say go for it, but make sure that it's a matte look and not a glossy look, otherwise it won't match your OEM leather trim. Good luck!
Thanks alot man, 1st person to give a real answer

and since i wasnt getting any real answers i did research and found that the 3M DiNoc is the best on the market as of now, i think ill give it a try
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