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If you can remember to when you were younger when you read that by this time we would all be living in the space age your accomodation would have similar rings like the planet Saturn? And your car would fly and everything will be pure white?
Remember how you were engrossed by that vision of science fiction.

BMW MegaCity Vehicle incorporates that thinking it is purely generated from that era what would sustainable mobility look like in a futuristic setting.
The brief for this car is that it had to be "Visionary" because it is a huge project , even a gamble for BMW. Not only is this project high priority it is one of the most expensive ever created within BMW.

The MINI E which is already available to customers across the planet and soon the BMW 1er Active eDrive will join them are the test beds for feedback.
This is what is seperating BMW from it's competitors. They are field testing everything before putting a single car into production , everybody else is jumping on the concept right away because they have to be first.
What if it does not work?

Which is why BMW are serious about making the car a success from it's unveiling. The feedback from the MINI E gives BMW to ability to make the car perfect for the customer in terms of range and accessibility.

The MegaCity also introduces a very interesting future for BMW as a brand because it's carbon fibre structure will progress to future models because producing it for mass production will mean BMW will be able to make greater use of the material in other concepts.

The car is intensively lightweight , even the seats for four are specially made using lightweight frames with a very futuristic mesh type leather stretched over the frames inside it's spacious for four including MINI Clubman-esque rear hinged doors for passenger entry. It all builds up to an exciting futuristic ambience. Even the cabin is enhanced by wraparound glass and a panoramic roof. The visionary design inherits the layered approach first shown with the Vision Efficient Dynamics. Bringing the future to the present.

When you look at other concepts they are for aerodynamic puposes one shape and one form. MegaCity proves that you can move away from one form but still keep an unique perspective on making the car aerodynamic for the purpose. Because this car is an alternative drivetrain it does not mean it should forgoe typical BMW attributes when it comes to engineering.
The car will remain a BMW and for it's type and class of vehicle it will be made to handle well as a BMW should.

Vision Efficient Dynamics and the BMW MegaCity Vehicle are Brave New World automobiles at each end of the premium spectrum. And when they both debut in 2013 they will be the most cutting edge cars in terms of Visionary design , innovation and technology on the road and possibly the decade.