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Originally Posted by Phoenix-IT
So here we go... Your opinion is that of God. Your opinion is infallible. Your opinion is fact and everyone else's is false. Honda is the best and German cars always come in second to them. So go sell your BMW and drive your Accord.

Has anyone ever told you the surest sign of ignorace in a person is arrogance? Well, in my book you're pretty arrogant Lux, and you can read into that what you will... So go do whatever it is you do and just ignore my opinions from now on, since you can't seem to respond in a mature mannor.

Great way to judge on somebody. Way to go Phoenix-IT.
I kept reminding you how I said german cars are better than japanese, yet you still didn't even catch that point. You couldn't back up a single point of yours. I feel even more stupid after arguing anything with you. Yes, call me arrogant, call me a honda lover if it makes you feel any better. go back to clubRSX.
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