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Question Will VRS Type 2 Rear diffuser fit with Dinan exhaust?

Had this in "Cosmetic" forum, but no bites...

As a newbie to M3 mods, I was excited that I have just received a VRS type 2 rear diffuser and was looking into mounting it when I ran into a snag... Seems to be quite snug with the Dinan exhaust tips!

I had the exhaust installed by the dealer, so I am not sure if there is a way to adjust the distance between the tips and the bumper/diffuser. I can fit the diffuser inbetween, but the tips are right up against the diffuser... seems like a problem (melting the diffuser?).

Has anyone made this combo work? Any tips on the mount? My diffuser did not come with mounting tape... should it have? What tape/adhesive should I use?

Thanks for any help!