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Originally Posted by
I was acting like i was "credible", but neither of you posted worth-while reading facts, but rather posted random opinions generalizing everything.
"honda sucks" = uh, okay?
"MB/Audi interior is No.1" = right.......
"Audi interior > Honda interior" = another false.

Last Oct.2005 issue compared TL and Audi(and other cars), and TL out-performed Audi A4 in just about every category. Not to mention TL got higher rating in interior department than Audi.

Does this mean I am going to assume all Audi is worse than acura? Hell no, I don't think so.

And you don't need to OWN a bmw to be a "bmw biased" person. Just by looking at few of your posts decribe alot. Then again, that could be just my opinion. And I believe I have my rights to say that.

Obviously you have a RSX, and its nowhere close to bmw.
I am WELL familiar with RSX and the K20A. I was close to getting one before, and 4 of my best friends own base 5spds and type-s. Its good car for its price, and for what it is in my opinion(even though RSX sales is horrible, and acura is considering dropping the RSX). No reason for you to compare your RSX to a BMW and bash on honda in general. Not to mention the RSX is not the best honda either. 3 series isn't in the same class as RSX anyway, TL is more like it.

I love both German cars and Japanese cars. both have their pros and cons.
While BMW is a great driving machine, japanese car like a IS350 can be a great alternative for cheaper, and more reliable solution. Not that i'll ever trade my bmw for one. There is no reason for random bashing on japanese vehicles(i.e. "If its japanese, its crap").

You see what Im trying to say? Have some pride in what you drive man. While I do give you thumbs up for NOT being a fanboy of what you drive, no reason for such harsh comments.
I never wrote that Honda sucks, I said it's not bad. Stop putting words in my mouth.

So here we go... Your opinion is that of God. Your opinion is infallible. Your opinion is fact and everyone else's is false. Honda is the best and German cars always come in second to them. So go sell your BMW and drive your Accord.

Has anyone ever told you the surest sign of ignorace in a person is arrogance? Well, in my book you're pretty arrogant Lux, and you can read into that what you will... So go do whatever it is you do and just ignore my opinions from now on, since you can't seem to respond in a mature mannor.