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Okay, I've been in contact with the Manager of the entire North American Division of M/Invidivual. I supplied her with the information Radiant M3 provided but specifically pointed out that I was referring to the Competition Style Rim (Style 359) in Black as found in the M3 GTS. I cut and pasted this section from Radiant to her in my email:

Black wheels for the M3 are available via BMW Individual. Option 2MT in Black high gloss and Option 7MA (Competition Package Wheel) in Black matte. Price additional to the wheel 241,-€ Ex-fac.
She replied:

It needs to be pointed out that some options are available in some countries and not in the US because of several reasons not easily apparent to customers including Government homologation, options combinations that required other options not available here and/or options that do not conform to warranty requirements which only saves the customer later hassle.

The Black Wheels are only offered with the M3 individual package which was not offered in the US (see reaons above). The wheel are only available in the US through the Aftersales/dealer installed option. (bold emphasis in original)
My CA doing further research was able to come upon the following information regarding purchasing these rims from BMW accessories:

I looked into the cost of the wheels. As I mentioned before, these wheels are still not available, as neither the US or Germany has a set. The wheel costs are as follows:

Style #359M Black Matte finish 2 front and 2 rear -

Retail - $3,405 + tax (wheels only, tires are separate. Does not include install)*

Our list price - $2667.44 + tax(wheels only, tires are separate. Does not include install)*

Your price - $2324.60 + tax(Installed, wheels only, tires are separate)*
So in summary, if you're in the US you can only get thee BLACK GTS style rims through BMW Accessories, but at the moment the wheels are still not available. Hope this helps

- esquire

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