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Proof that the Draft means very little. I am 2-0 right now with 211 points.. here was my original team post draft...

Tom Brady - QB
Sidney Rice - WR
Frank Gore - RB
Kellen Winslow - TE
Rashad Mendenhall - RB
Jahvid Best - RB
Knowshon Moreno - RB
Jonathan Stewart - RB
Arian Foster - RB
Ricky Williams - RB
Justin Forsett - RB
Michael Bush - RB
Ahmad Bradshaw - RB
Brandon Jacobs - RB
Fred Jackson - RB

Now here's my team after making 20+ moves. Last trades made last night/this morning. Pretty excited, got Welker for Knowshon (bench) and Meachem (Guy desperately needed a RB). Got Hines Ward and Kevin Walter for Rashad Mendenhall (Played for me week 1-2).

Tom Brady - QB
Michael Vick - QB (BN)
Mario Manningham - WR
Hines Ward - WR (BN)
Kevin Walter - WR
Wes Welker - WR
Frank Gore - RB
Jahvid Best - RB
Ahmad Bradshaw - RB (BN)
Ricky Williams - RB (BN)
Chris Cooley - TE
Mercedes Lewis - TE (BN)
David Akers - K
Pittsburgh Steelers - Def

I was certain I was gonna be a cellar dweller. I even named my team "Pine Riders". But somehow I pulled it together, last night I was trailing my opponent by 9 points and I only had Gore left. Gore scored 28 last night and I went to sleep.

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