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Originally Posted by kouhii View Post
Please have your main bearings checked.
I had this problem at around 3000 miles.

These are the symptoms:
-Only hear it when your oil temp is ~170F or above
-It changes in frequency as you rev your engine to 1.5k or 3k rpm in neutral
-Drive in the highest gear at 25mph in a very quiet street and roll down your windows you can still hear it

If all above is correct get your main bearings replaced! Your car will be in the dealer for ~5 weeks! Good luck!
I had a similar sound in my 08 (identical to the video above). Took it in to the dealer, they confirmed the sound, but we decided to see if it got worse over the next few hundred miles. Surprisingly enough, the sound disappeared. Pretty unlikely for a bad main bearing to spontaneously heal. I've since put on 23k miles with zero problems (multiple autox's, track event). However, what did fail is the valve inside my exhaust, which plausibly could make this kind of noise as well.