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Originally Posted by DAPK View Post
Does anyone on the east coast of Australia (actually anywhere in Australia) have any experience with the laser defence systems such as the guys of lidar talk about? Especially keen on the ALG9. Here is the link to the website.

Don't mind you PM'ing if you would rather not discuss in an open forum.
Laser Jammers or electronic devices that jam or interferes with readings from the Lasers is illegal.

In saying that, it depends on the context. For eg. There are people who have laser jammers in their car for detection purposes.

Basically the cops fires the laser in which the laser jammer jams the signal followed by an alert tone to warn the driver of laser detection.

Cops get no reading and tries to fire another laser.

Driver slows down, and disable laser jammer.

Cops get a reading. Speed is below the limit and ignores.

The above scenario is just a hypothetical situation. If the police gets consistent errors, they may get suspicious and pursue.

Best prevention is to drive below the speed limit.
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