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Originally Posted by Scoobe View Post
While the 5.0L has a larger displacement, it's 15lbs lighter than the S65. As much as I absolutely love the S65 in my M3, if I had to choose between a 5.0L or the 4.0L in the M3, there is little doubt I would go with the 5.0.

And on the technology of Ford engines just now getting into the 21st century, Ford launched their 4.6L DOHC in 1991. By 1997, all ford engines were DOHC with variable timing. Most of the European DOHC engines began life in the late 80's so it's not like Ford was decades behind the Europeans, more like just a couple of years. GM and Chrysler however are still churning out SOHC pushrod motors, minus the Northstar which hasn't been nearly as successful as the Ford Modular engine and is due to be phased out next year.

Also of note, Ford is partnered with Getrag to produce DCT transmissions (Getrag produces the M3 tranny) and this years Focus, Fusion, and Fiesta have DCT trannys from Getrag. I would hedge a bet that the 2014 Mustang will have a DCT tranny similar to the M3's.

Also since Lincoln has recommitted to a RWD sports sedan/coupe, we may see a Ford 5.0L N/A and Supercharged version to compete with the M3 around 2014, with DCT, EDC (or air ride), and multiple modes of sport, dynamic, and comfort. A little history, the Mark VIII which came out in 1992 had dynamically controlled air ride and a 300hp 4.6L DOHC engine. It was one of the best cars at that time, though heavy, it was a phenominal car.
DCT will be nice option on the mustang. lets just hope they switch their paddle-shifter in the SHO, for regular working ones.