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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
I voted for Dick Cheney because I believe he is exactly what a VP should be. He was selected for the position because of his experience rather than geographic political consideration. (Was Wyoming in play??) He has acted as a trusted adviser to the President and he brings complimentary knowledge and insight to the administration by having experience that the President lacks. Most importantly he does not have a personal political agenda so he is trusted by the President and the WH staff.
He complements to the President???
My dog would be successful in that role, too.
W is lacking everything excelt the goofiness, therefore, Chaney has an easy job "complementing" him.
On the other side...talking about the personal agenda -- one word for you -- Halliburton -- everything comes from there...
He's a crook and others should not be spending time in jail for him!
He (accidentally) shot the guy, and was patted on his back -- wonder what would have happened to me if I did that???