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Hi Guys -

So far this is who is confirmed and where we are going to meet.

robotgrenegade - I85/321 @ 9-9:15AM
nytrus112 - I85/321
mtechnik3 - I85/321
C'sM3 - I85/321

SWOLE - Boone Mall @ 11:00 AM
Martin - Boone Mall @ 11:00 AM

Poofyo101 is on the fence but if he comes will be coming up with me from Columbia and meeting the other folks at the I-85/321 exit.

Others originally said they were coming but even if it is just us this is a good number.

I will bring copies of the route I proposed for everyone and give them out in Boone. But I just want everyone to have fun and hang out. If people want to do their own thing up there that is fine too. No worries. We can talk about it more tomorrow. Looking forward to this and the weather should be perfect!

I will PM everyone my cell phone if you need to get in touch with me. See you tomorrow and drive safe.

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