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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
How about keeping it on topic with the thread? I am trying to avoid engaging in this conversation since it is not about LFA.

FYI, The actual tested curb weight of 458 Italia is 3440 lbs while the 3100 lbs weight is for a bare bones, stripped 458 Italia with no fluids. The power difference is only 8 HP. Not 18 HP. 562 ps vs 570 ps. You might want to check the SportAuto supertest test weight of Italia. It was the same as LFA.

And no, you are completely wrong since your basis of 458 Italia eating LFA for lunch around the track are just your imagination. The Stig of "TopGear" called it "the most amazing track weapon" in his back to back test in September edition of "TopGear". The 458 Italia was deemed only better on the B-roads.

In Sport Auto supertest LFA despite being handicapped by heat soaking of 30 C humid German temperatures (and 43 C ambient asphalt temperatures), LFA was pulling more g in the corner and had much higher cornering speeds in every corner (115 km/h@1.30g for LFA versus 104 km/h@125g for the 458 Italia on the same corner) with the same driver Horst Von Saurma. The only reason why 458 Italia had the exact same Nurburgring lap time (both with mediocre Bridgestone S001 tires) was because LFA could not reach the high speeds that Italia reached on the very last straight due to heat soaking where LFA could hit "only" 275 km/h. Also, SportAuto test LFA only had 1100 KM (600 miles) on the odometer.
You're the one that brought up the LFA. You opened pandora's box, not us.

I'm not buying the LFA was handicapped from heat soaking argument as the reason why the 458 and LFA turned in the same lap times. That sounds like a nebulous, unprovable excuse to me. I think the more likely explanation is the Ferrari has the superior engine. More horsepower, and more torque despite being .3L smaller and having 2 fewer cylinders.
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