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Why are you turning this into an LFA debate??? LFA are sold-out so they have no reason to listen to your price nonsense.

In MotorTrend comparison, watch how fast LFA is pulling away from the GTR once it gets full traction as the spoiler raises up at 50 mph. LFA destroyed the GTR in any 60 + mph acceleration hitting 100 mph more than 0.6 seconds faster. 125 mph in the LFA comes 1.3 seconds faster (AutoZeitung). Even at the 1/4 mile LFA was travelling 5 mph faster in MotorTrend. That is a huge difference. LFA prototype had no launch control so it was bogging badly off the line, which cost it off the line and GTR has an extremely short first gear. Any rolling start race and the LFA is gone.

Around a race track, GTR was of no comparison for the LFA in any test of handling and braking and got killed in the figure-8 lap track test by almost 2 seconds.

Around Goodwood race track, LFA was a full 3 seconds faster on only a 3800 meter track:

Around Nurburgring LFA lapped the same with much inferior and weaker tires (Bridgestone S001) with Horst Von Saurma while Nissan delivered GTR with super-slicks to SportAuto. Usually super-slick tires shave off around 8 - 10 seconds easily:

The GTR sounds like a hissing vaccum cleaner and weighs nearly 4000 lbs. It uses a cookie-cutter Nissan FM platform that is used even in the FX SUV, uses a turbocharged highly modified version of the VQ engine series. So there are all the cost savings right there.

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LF-A is a really nice car and sounds great. But it is way over priced. Specially when you see that a GT-R at 1/4th of the price can run neck to neck with it not to mention the Vette ZR1.

I was talking rev-limiter. 9500 rpm is the rev cut-off for LFA (redline at 9000 rpm).

Anyway, I just looked at the description of the episode today and it says it will be Ariel Atom versus something else??? They showed the M3 and IS-F teaser at the end of last week's episode. Did they shift the episode to next week??

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Make it 9000 rpm . Apparently part of the reason for that price was the extensive use of carbon fiber, but it was a huge gamble. It paid off, so no regrets now, but it'd have been smarter to build their first supercar with a competitive price tag, not 50% above that. Even if that meant building more cars.

Now back to subject. Seems like we had been better represented by Tanner, no? I'd have learned how the hell to operate a car I was going to compete with BEFORE the freaking event . That Tracy always jumps the gun, and when he's driving the M3, he's freaking behind; geez. Wouldn't doubt he lost that race. Oh well, it was nice to see the IS-F stranded . Have both of tonight's events programmed to record; hope it's what we're expecting.
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