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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
Only other car I think of matches it/beats it is the Porsche Carrera GT, but even that revs up to 8500 rpm while LFA goes to 9500 rpm.
Make it 9000 rpm . Apparently part of the reason for that price was the extensive use of carbon fiber, but it was a huge gamble. It paid off, so no regrets now, but it'd have been smarter to build their first supercar with a competitive price tag, not 50% above that. Even if that meant building more cars.

Now back to subject. Seems like we had been better represented by Tanner, no? I'd have learned how the hell to operate a car I was going to compete with BEFORE the freaking event . That Tracy always jumps the gun, and when he's driving the M3, he's freaking behind; geez. Wouldn't doubt he lost that race. Oh well, it was nice to see the IS-F stranded . Have both of tonight's events programmed to record; hope it's what we're expecting.