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I would use Jackson and Thomas. They are about as close to feature backs and they come (although you never really know with New Orleans), and Brown is facing a stout defense. I know B.Jackson is not the most talented in the world, but he's still pretty good, and he's facing a really crappy run D. Michael Bush is probable, and you never know with the Raiders running game. My guess is that there will be a relatively even time share this week. This is something you need to watch though. If something happens to Bush from now until the game, you need to put in McFaddin.

As for receivers, definitely play Miles Austin. My second option would be Hines Ward. He's going to be consistent, even with the QB situation there. I'm not sure I like Collie too much this week (although Peyton Manning IS going to throw the ball quite a bit), and Marshall is a better player. I'd start Marshall.

I would NOT drop one of those RB's to pick up a WR. The only RB I'd consider is McFaddin, but if anything happens to Bush then McFaddin is gold. Those other receivers are ehhhhhh.... They had good Week 1's, but they are receivers. Much more finnicky.

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