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Originally Posted by ddsm3 View Post
I second that. I feel like this forum is filled with teenagers. "My modded turbo civic can smoke your 200k Ferrari". So childish. When the new m3 rolls of the asembly line for 67k nicely optioned everyone will quiet down. Sure you can spend 10k on top a loaded 49k 335i to make it close to as fast as an m3. You know what you also get though? No more waranty on a 49k car. I own a 330ci. I can spend 10k to mod it to make it almost as fast as an e46 m3 around the track, but at the end of the day I would still rather have a stock m3. To each his own. My next car is definitely going to be an m3 or m5. Stop turning BMW forums into Honda civic forums.

stop turning the e90 forums into a Track Racing Forum? since 98% of people never track their cars, why all the discussion about whether or not $10k added onto a 335 will beat an M3?

Its a fact that alot of people who were waiting for the next M3 bought 335's as an in between car. and its a fact that many of those people (who are obviously huge BMW fans already) are saying they WILL NOT buy the new M3, mainly bc of the huge price increase and the similar performance you can get (again, im not talking about the track) for much less, along with a smoother ride of a 335.

stop acting like us '335 guys' are sitting in the poor house, looking through the glass ceiling at all the m3 owners. we can also buy the car if we deem it worth the asking price compared to the 335, and many of us agree it isnt.
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