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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
I agree with you on this. But you forgot the Lambo Murcielago, it does sound like an F1. It is amazing, the sound on the LF-A, it is very smooth like.
the lambo still doesn't sound as f1 as this on the top end though. the lfa just scream way higher up top than any other cars including the lambo.

if i have the money and this is my first supercar, i would defintely go with the lfa. i'm a big fan of reliabilty (hello m3, german) and I would never buy a ferrari or lambo due to this reason alone. what's the point of having a supercar that let you stranded or combust at will.

one thing I've learned from experience is that japanese cars in general do not leave you stranded even if there is a sensor or warning light on the dash. good example is my mdx, transmission light came but the car still drive. this clearly indicate the japanese have better programing/logic in their car design. on the other hand the mighty m3 left me stranded on the road atleast 5 times in the past 3 years anytime when some stupid light came on. the car would stall, went out of gear, do some stupid thing, door won't unlock, etc......thing gets old pretty quick. i imagine owning lambo/ferrari would be lot worse.

as for those who say they rather get the r8 v10. well that car is dime a dozen, looks like a tt, interior is from the tt part bin, doesn't sounds anywhere as close the lfa. you gotta be crazy to think the r8 is on the same page as the lfa. performance is close but that's like saying my evo can murder your m3 around the track.