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Originally Posted by URBAN LEGEND View Post
I never thought I would say that anything sounds better than a Ferrai but the LFA is that car.
i agree. i love this car regardless if everyone hate it due to look or price. it sounds awesome and looks the part, sound is not obnoxious loud, but refined wail at high rpm in true f1 fashion. as far as I know, no car sound close to f1 as this thing right now including the carerra gt, 599 gto, etc. the front/side profile could be more aggresive, but they are not ugly in anyway. the rear is full of win to me and interior quality based on review/pictures are no match by any other supercar. so far it doesn't catch fire like lambo, ferrari, r8 either, so that's a good sign. LOL

carrera gt, 599 gto sound very good but in a mechanical/brutal way which I love equally too, but the lfa is more finesse in the way it sounds. just close your eyes, put the ego bashing Japanese cars aside and listen to the acceleration at the end of this vid. tell me there is another car with stock exaust that sounds better than this.

stock for stock, nothing match the beautiful sound of the LFA. many argue the carrera gt is better and post aftermarket straight pipes, etc. but that is just obnoxious loud with no finesse and you can't live with that everyday. so i don't consider that as good sound. don't mistake loud for good sound.

the sound, interior quality, and unique look is totally worth it IMO.

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