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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post

this 335i vs m3 is ridiculous. bottom line, get the best you can afford. if you're gonna bitch about how a "modded" 335 will outrun the m3, you're obviously not in the financial position to be considering an m3. its not a big deal, m3 was not a common man's car. while you are justifying your 335 purchase to yourself and others, someone can say they modified a civic that can run circles around your 335. its not like a 335 was a bang-for-your-buck car in the first place. bmw's are not meant to be bang for your buck, hence the moniker of luxury sports sedan/coupe. so please, the group trying to convince everyone that the m3 is not a "value-wise" purchase, you really are not convincing a single person, you are just getting others who already are in the confused state of mind to agree with you. a bmw was never a "value-wise" purchase. the m3 is no different.

Well for me it's not a money thing I had an 04 E46 M3 , 05 545i Loaded , 04 MB CL55 AMG and I still wouldn't buy the new M3 it's really not as special as it used to be it will be cool but not a whole lot better of a car like the E46 3 vs M3 .For that money I rather have a used M5 or something just my $0.02