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I have always liked turbo cars very much. The M3 is a good excelent car, but the 335i will have a lot of options in the future. It is so popular today, the M3 can't have the same sales the 335i has had and will have. I mean, less than a year and look how many people have 335s in this web site. Look how many people have ordered a PROcede!!! I am on a waitng list of 1 month and 1 week. And now they are saying: "No 335's till July?" damn. Besides, a 3 series for $70,000? That is crazy money... but lets see how will it do againts its competitors (not only MB and Audi), but Porsche and others (I can't think of anything else). There is where the real challenge is, we don't know yet as a fact.

And I am one of those who thinks that a well done 335 will be better at the track than the new STOCK M3. It doesn't take much to do this. And if the issue is Track, then lets forget about warranty and non track related details. However, if you mean that you can NOT have a 335i with a setup of a M3 with all its luxury (warranty, looks, reliability), then you a right. But if it comes to performance, there is a world of possibilities. Otherwise, I guess Vishnu's Evos and STis are all trash to you, but they still win (Nice job by the way). Not only Vishnu but many other fine performance companies; in the US there are so many.
I bet Hamman will come out with some nice engine setups for the 335i, or Dinan! I mean, companies will most likely built parts for cars that sell hot.

Please M3 lovers, don't get me wrong, I would love an M3. But don't tell me a well built 335i will never take the new Stock M3 on the track cuz that is bs.
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