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Fair enough. The sound alone is worth the price of admission for me. Only other car I think of matches it/beats it is the Porsche Carrera GT, but even that revs up to 8500 rpm while LFA goes to 9500 rpm.

Anyway, the thread is about IS-F vs M3 so I think that is where it should be.

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I'm sure there are people who bought the LFA as their first supercar. I'll say personally I would never do that.

Honestly I think the LFA is a sweet car it has exceeded my expectations but there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that I'm getting it for my first supercar. I'm going with Ferrari or Lamborghini first - period.

Bring on that Murciélago

The driver driving it around Nurburgring is the 24-hour race car driver Kinosheita. He is also a driver in the "Best Motoring series". There is a video of Kinosheita making a girl freak out and scared in the passenger side of the LFA while hitting 140+ mph around Goodwood.

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LFA sounds nuts
thanks for posting the vid on n-ring. That guy can drive too
""A great sounding, responsive, high-revving, naturally aspirated engine is part of the DNA of a thoroughbred sports car. No two ways about it."

- Lamborghini on turbocharging

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