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*General Fitness Workout Routines*

Hey everyone,

I was asked by a few others to post up some good general workout routines so I thought I would share some on a weekly basis, that way people just starting out could try um out and follow along with others if they'd like.

I'm going to start this by saying these are some routines my friends and trainer and I have come up with... I'm not trying to take all the credit for them, nor am I saying I know everything about working out. These workouts have proved great results for me so by sharing I hope they can do the same for you.

So lets begin.

First of all the EASIEST thing you can do to make these routines actually mean something is change your diet. Put down the pizza, take it easy on the sundae's... you want PROTEIN, PROTEIN and you guessed it... MORE PROTEIN. Obviously moderation is good, eat a cheeseburger once a week and go out for some frozen yogurt. Just make a serious point to limit it to once a week or less. Think of it this way, the more carbs/fat you eat the more carbs/fat your body burns from whats inside your stomach so it's not buring the fat on your body instead (which mean you don't lose weight). Also, STAY HYDRATED. Expect to drink at least 8-12 cups of water a day. I made the mistake of not doing this and had a week long headache. Sodium will also do this to you, stay away from it at all costs.

Lets review:
BAD - Carbs, Sodium, Fat
GOOD - Protein, H20

Ok, now workout frequency. To make any impact on your metabolism and muscles you need to exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week, I would recommend 4-5 days if possible. This doesn't mean you have to go balls to the wall, I'm about to pass out, hardcore. A simple 30 min session often does the trick, most of these workouts will take between 30-60 min. The key is to make sure you're actually working and not just f-ing around and not building up any sweat.

On lighter lifting days I also like to walk/jog on the treadmill (or outside if possible) with the incline set towards the highest limit. The key to this is the longer you can maintain it, the better it is for you. Instead of trying to sprint for 10 min, walk or jog for 30-45min. Walking on a treadmill (3-3.5mph) at a high incline will usually burn more calories for you than running for the same amount of time on a flat incline. Plus it's working you hard enough to keep your heart up but not tire you out too fast. Also if you spool up the heart to full speed all the time (which is ok for cardio once in a while) your body wants to replenish itself with carbs afterward. And if we remember one of the rules above, carbs=bad.

Anyway, before this gets too long, here is the 1st initial workout. I realize some of you will have questions, so just fire away and I'll do my best to answer.

If you see a workout and don't know how to do it, use GOOGLE. You will find LOTS of info by just searching for the name of it.

WORKOUT - WEEK 1 TOTAL BODY(Repeat 3-5 times during the week).

Squats - 3 sets of 15 using only your body weight.
Focus on form - arms straight out, flat back and ass pushing out at the bottom, pull your hips forward to the top with arms at sides.

Bench Press - 2 sets of 12 (no failures).

Key here is flat shoulder blades on the bench. If you can't get to 12 at the weight, stop, take a little off and finish set. The key is to challenge your muscles, don't go light and get through it all. It's better to start a little higher, do 8-12 and then get a little lighter as you go on. I would recommend for someone who doesn't do this much to just try between 65-95 lbs total (keep in mind the bar is 40).

Standing Reverse Leg lifts - 2 sets of 30 (15 on each side per set).

Stand on 1 leg, push your back leg straight out behind you and lift keeping your leg straight and using your opposite arm as a counter weight. Your body should be making a T shape and try to get your back flat. Repeat each leg 15 times then switch sides. Balance and hamstrings will be tested here.

Assisted Pull Ups - 2 sets of 15.

Try a few at a weight about 60% of yours and try from there. You should be able to finish all 15 but be challenged. Form is key, remember to keep your back and abs as straight as possible.

Kettle Bell High Pulls - 2 sets of 15.

Try 25lbs to start and adjust from there.

Kettle Bell Swing - 3 sets of 10.

Use the same weight as the High Pulls. Get some good momentum built up doing this and it'll make it a touch easier for you.

Dumb Bell Bicep Rotation - 2 sets of 24 (12 on each side).

Again, you'll have to see what feels challenging but not too light here. I stated out at 25 lbs. Arms flat at your sides, palms facing in. Bring one arm up like a bicep curl and rotate your wrist as you come up, trying to twist your wrist to face you and then a little bit further, as far out as it'll go.

Seated V position - hold for 30 seconds without touching floor.
Crunch position - hold for 30 seconds without touching floor.
Leg raise position* - hold for 30 seconds without touching floor.

*(flat on back, hands under butt, raise legs 45-60 deg.)

Congrats now you're done. Repeat 3-4 more times throughout the week. Add in some light elevated walking/jogging after or on your alternate days to help jump start your metabolism.

Workout for Week 2 (Repeat 3-5 times during the week).

Barbell Deadlifts
3 sets of 12, try to do at least the bar plus 20lbs on each side, if that feels TOO easy increase weight.

Sumo Kettle Bell Highpulls
3 sets using 25 or 35lb kettle bell.
Assume the squatting position with a wide stance, kettle bell in both hands hanging at about 3-6 inches off the ground and do a high pull using both your legs and arms up to your chin. The explosion should come from your hips and help get the weight up to your chest and arms will pull the rest. Make sure your elbows go up past your shoulders on this one.

Dumbbell Cleans

3 sets of 15 using 15-20lb dumbells
research the "clean" exercise if needed. It's a lot like a deadlift combined with a high pull except your arms flip inward at the end so the weights end up almost resting at your shoulders.

1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch
3 sets of 12 (each side) using the same dumbbells as the cleans you just did. Snatch is also like a high pull but you go all the way up over your head.

Weighted Split Squats
3 sets of 10 (each side) use a weighted bar on your shoulders if possible. Key to this one is keeping your back straight and not making it a lunge forward but straight down.

At this point you might also want to learn how to foam roll your legs. The rolls are like $19.99 at Target or a sporting goods store.


I'll update again next week.

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