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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
I would suggest looking at the definition of horsepower and work. RPM is integral in determining a horsepower rating, along with Torque. SAE HP (an arbitrary definition of work created by James Watt BTW), says that revs after 5252 rpm has a great impact on HP.

We don't share a common view of the world or physics so it is pointless to discuss. In my world the sky is blue.

BTW, here is a hint for you RPM = Distance, Torque = Force
I give up. I have no idea why you are talking about horsepower vs torque etc, when I didn't even touch that subject. All I was trying to say was more revs ≠ more torque in the case of the S65, which seems to be your opinion.

In my world you don't know a whole lot about engines.