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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It is the latest (May) issue. Article does not seem very good to me. Lot's of potentially totally false statments. Where does this leave their credibility. Perhaps I will e-mail them to see what they say.
  • Article claims that the knock/misfire sensor on the S85B50 M5 was not spark plug based. This article directly contradicts that. Who is right??
  • They claim the S85B50 has three oils pumps, the above claims 4.
  • They claim there is a BMW inline 6 that will make 430 hp in Europe. What the hell car is that, I want to know!
  • V8 M3 has an oil capacity of 11.1 qt, 9.3 qt per change.
  • Top speed unlimited will be 183.
  • The Nurburgring simulation on the engine tester puts the car around the track in 8:20. The "unofficial" answer on the lap time in good hands was "around" 8:10 (pretty much in line with the 8:12 we have heard so far - and that is disappointing to me.)
  • In mid 2008 we will get a heavily updated fourth generation sequential manual. This definitely does not sound like a ZSG. Is a ZSG technically a "sequential"? I think it is.
  • They claim they will drive the car in July at the Ascari circuit in Spain and will give a full report with video.

BTW a subscription (free) is required to see the entire article
keep us posted after their response to your email