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Originally Posted by Roffle Waffle View Post
says a guy who drives a 325 auto..

not exactly an enthusiasts choice
You see, heterosexuals often breed, and that causes them to often need more than the 2 seats in your adorably cute car. They also sometimes have friends. And since a 325i auto is already fast enough to get you arrested, heteros who don't have wee-wee issues don't necessarily feel the need to prove anything by buying more car than they can afford or need. And since they're not wreckless insane maniacs they realize that they're unlikely to need to drift around corners in suburban traffic, so they decide to go with the conveniences of an automatic as a compromise. Some may have knee issues from playing football, or wide lats, something males too big to fit in your adoreable cute car often suffer with in small cars. So forgive them if they don't all wear scarves and driving gloves. But they still might appreciate a simpler, lighter, more basic car that handles well.