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Great information H2. I probably should have known that indentation is a Euro vs. US issue. I wonder if its possible to get the indentation via BMW individual if, like me, you are situated int he US.

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The standard seats available for the E90 and E92 M3 in the U.S. do not have that "indentation" on the seat thigh supports/lower leg rest. They do for M3s for just about every other place in the world (and for U.S. E93 M3s). The "Edition" M3s have that indentation (and the one on the top backrest) in a contrasting color. The M3 you pointed out was a regular Individual M3 in Australia, which by default would have the indentation. You can replace the leather thigh support covers with the "euro" cover that has the "indentation" as "Technic" has done.

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