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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
I agree with the top part wholeheartedly re:Pobst....Also, Foosh is no fanboi either (has owned countless BMWs, Porsche, Z06 and most recently E93M3) and trust his opinion and analysis of the GT as well.

You may be a little off base on the second part about the "looks". I don't know if it status that he was talking about.Perhaps it is.... I don't know. I, personally dont give a rat's ass about status and think the car looks good from every angle except the rear...still not sold on the rear tail light design/shape.

It will be fun to see how well they do in the reliability department over the next couple of years.
I agree about Foosh but my reply was directed at elp_jc. By "status" I meant the perceived status, or public opinion if you will, and it appears that elp thinks the Mustang doesn't live up to the M3 based on it's looks and "status."

I'm pretty much the same as you on the cosmetics. The rear is iffy and I hate the antenna. What is this, 1985???