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Conclusion again: turbos are the death of the pure driving experience.

Wish they put the old M3 engine in the 335i.


Cars I want to test drive:

1. Audi R8...I still haven't settled the R8 v. 911 debate, including which is tougher, looks better, purer driving experience (most important)...and weight distribution - mid engine is the place to be

2. BMW M3

3. Chevy Corvette -- Whats the hype about?

4. Porsche Cayman -- maybe the best value sports car in the world with a mid engine layout; but doesn't have the status of the 911...and that is a problem.

After that, and these cars I'm not sure I could buy in the future:

1. Ferrari 458 Italia - no 6MT but probably the best car in the world

2. Lambhoghini - any of them

These two are the tops, Porsche is one step below them. BMW one step below that.

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