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WSTO New Website Grand Opening! Click for some more information

We are constantly working hard to provide our customers with the highest level of service, products and a positive interaction when dealing with us. This constant search for improvements has led to many loopholes in the way we present our products and services online. This has led to the all new and an all new online shopping site; has really been simplified and the focus has been changed to presenting our customer, potential customers and fans with a portal for getting the latest in products, and automotive news as well as updates on what is happening at WheelSTO.

The highly visible top navigation bar will take you through all the different parts of this website.

1. About US: Just a little something about how we came about and what we provide

2. Online Shop: Leads to our online shopping site: for all your shopping needs

3. News: Shows all the latest projects and products at WSTO

WSTOBlog: Our daily blog on what we are up to, as well as new products

5. Contact Us: See where we are at on Google map as well as send us a message online!

You can also find us on all the latest social network sites like flickr, facebook, twitter. Contacting us is as easy as calling us or clicking on the various comm icons: AIM & SKYPE. For instant contact with our support and customer service, feel free to use the 'LIVE CHAT' program. We are now literally a "click" away

As our product portfolio grows, it has become apparent that many customers are looking for an easy to shop online process that takes on payments securely. This is why we have the new Our online portal for secure internet shopping.

You can shop by the vehicle that you have or if the product is not vehicle specific, you can select the various categories or even check out some of the brands by selecting the respective manufacturers. We will constantly update the site with the latest and the best.

We hope that this will not only improve your interaction with us as you search, not only for the best products for your car but ideas for your next project. Please feel free to provided us with feedback and criticism as we continuously work hard to serve you.

Disclaimer: as we have literally 10s of thousands of products, many will be uploaded over time. if you need something that you don't see on our site, please feel free to give us a call.