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Originally Posted by 1BMW4fun View Post
it must be at a certain temp (up to a thousan degrees) for them to work like them suppose to, so bigger rotors would cool them down too fast and not able to maintain that temp.
You just fit smaller cooling ducts . Bigger brakes are always going to be better for racing, and possibly without having to use exotic materials. Isn't one of the goals of F1 to make the sport less expensive???

Originally Posted by topcat87 View Post
there should b a balance as everything. A little bit of sidewall give more flex and grip
Of course; you're not going to be riding on wheels. We're talking tire sizes fitted to top sports cars, which depending on width, use from 25 to 35 aspect ratio. The Veyron can reach 250 mph, and a few others can also reach 210/215 mph or so, which is the top speed seen on F1 cars (and only on Monza. The only other track that reaches 200 is Spa; all others are below), so tire technology is already there. Those cars don't see G-forces F1 cars see, but I wonder if those tires could take them . And if F1 cars could use current tire/wheel technology, it'd further reduce costs. Just thinking out loud folks .