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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
If there were two speaker lines going into the doors and rear deck from the amp I'd do this as well since it's that much easier. But since I have to run at least one wire anyway I might as well run two.

I AM interested in the power wire connectors, Elias. Direct lines to the batter for each amp??? Yes please. I'd still need power for the MS-8 though. Dammit, I really didn't want to run a distro block. Oh well, as always, let me know when they're in and I'll pick one up and the battery distribution plugs as well. Maybe I should see if I have any live slots first. lol
Yes, check it out... the distribution block is really custom made depending your options. You cannot add slots if you do not have one available, you have to buy a new distribution block with all the slots.